6,000+ plays and 2 new tracks!!

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That’s right! 6,000 songs served by the FOREIGN TELEGRAM audio player, here at Myspace. We’ve been so busy finishing our new album, called Skin Jobs, that we didn’t even have time to make an announcement when we broke the 5,000 mark. So, 2,000 plays later, we’re celebrating by offering 2 new songs, instead of 1. The new tracks are: Proto, and Spy Thriller Disco Scene. Listen and let us know what you think. Leave us a comment!

Remember, there’s so much more to hear at ForeignTelegram.com, it’s always FREE to listen whenever you want, and the sound quality is even better.

What else is going on at ForeignTelegram.com, I hear you ask. Well, we are now offering FREE DOWNLOADS of selected tracks in the Members-only section of our message board. All you have to do is register, and you’ll instantly gain access to the Members-only section of our site. Better yet, it’s absolutely FREE to register at ForeignTelegram.com. All you have to do is choose a nickname and a password, so it’s totally anonymous, just the way we like it.

In the Members-only section at ForeignTelegram.com, you can not only download FREE music, to listen to on your computer or in your favorite portable audio player, you can also communicate directly with other members, and the band. You can even build your personal profile and send private messages to other members with similar interests. We’ll continue to offer more Members-only music, information, and more. Just register and see.

Now, if you have some strange aversion to downloading FREE music, you can still post comments in the general section of our message board, entitled Type Your Head Off!. There, you’ll also find late-breaking, useful, and often hilarious information, available to the unregistered guest. Check it out and leave your mark.

That’s not the only new thing, at ForeignTelegram.com. We’ve also added a new Video section to the site, where you can view live footage of the band from different shows. If you are living in a city which we haven’t visited, you can still check out the band and see what the fuss is about. There are currently 4 videos to watch. Don’t you know, we want to give you more, more, more, so we’ve included 2 additional videos in the Members-only section of ForeignTelegram.com. There are some great moments, so don’t miss them.

In general FOREIGN TELEGRAM news, we are finishing up the Skin Jobs album and are on the final round of mixing. It sounds great and we’re preparing some surprises, which we’ll announce when the album goes on sale. It is almost ready to be sent off for mastering, printing, and will be available soon. We’re also considering taking advance orders for the album, so if you want to be in the first wave to hear the new songs and enjoy the surprises, before anyone else, send us a message and tell us that you want to order in advance. You’ll be among the first to receive the album, which will sound better than any MP3, better than you’ve ever heard before.

Again, we want to thank you for listening to FOREIGN TELEGRAM and pushing our song plays through the 6,000 mark. Your comments and interest in our band is what keeps us going, and you’re making us very excited to write the best new music and to travel to your hometown to play live. If you want FOREIGN TELEGRAM to travel to your city, leave a comment and let us know. We will come to you. If you are a booker or promoter and want FOREIGN TELEGRAM to play your event, send us a message right away, so we can begin to make plans.

Until we get to the far corners of the globe, we’ll keep transmitting the signal, the sounds, and sending our best to our friends, nearby and around the planet. This global connection is good for us. Is it good for you?


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