East of Elysia, " />

East of Elysia almost done

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I know I started to write about James Dean (East of part…) “Elysia” is a whole another can of worms so…

Demo Version 3.0 not mastered. Mostly done except the piano parts….

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The Again Song Test

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The again Song mix 341 quick and dirty mastering for the site…

You fell asleep reading Mein Kampf again.

You’ve shut the storm blinds from the outside again.

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Violet demo

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Violet 343m1 mastered for web mp3s.

She says in tears
Begin the dance of voices in my head…

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FOREIGN TELEGRAM ‘Skin Jobs’ album on iTunes

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You can now download any song for just 99 cents each, or download the whole album for just $5.94. Sample the songs, keep the songs you like, or get them all for half of the cost of the printed album. The digital audio comes with digital artwork for your computer library or portable audio players that support album images, such as the iPod.

Naturally, the printed CD is available in stores, online through CDbaby.com, and directly through Concrete-Music.net for those of us that want to collect and keep the genuine article, with the gorgeous designed and printed environment-friendly digipack.

San Francisco:

Aquarius Records
1055 Valencia Street
San Francisco

Open Mind Records
342 Divisadero St.
San Francisco

Amoeba Records
1855 Haight St.
San Francsico
415.831.1200Los Angeles:

Amoeba Records
6400 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, California

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Did you hear about Violet?

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We decided to let you in on a little secret. We are working on our new album. There are a number of recordings, already in the rough mix stage. Today, we present you with the first hit on our next album, ‘How To Buy People’. The song is called ‘Violet’.

Listen to it.
Comment about it.
Add it to your profile.

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