4 Brand New shirts and a cute sticker (kawaii!!) on sale now.

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We have 4 brand new models of Foreign Telegram shirts, all with high-quality 2-color GAIDEN print, all American Apparel. They just became available about 4am, last night. If you want something collectible, with cool graphics, at a price lower than any stores, visit our website at http://foreigntelegram.com. You can purchase these online, using our secure encrypted order form. This is our first design and is limited edition. Next print run will most likely feature a 2nd design, and when these run out, there will be no more original Foreign Telegram GAIDEN shirts available.

We also have a cute new sticker! Meccha kawaii da zo! You can buy it individually, but we’ll throw in a couple for free, if you order a shirt. The sticker is large at 3.75in (9.525cm). After you stick it somewhere, take a picture and send it to us. We’ll post it in our photo gallery, which is on our Foreign Telegram message board at http://foreigntelegram.com.

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Our first t-shirt design

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Here is a t-shirt design that we came up with. We are shooting for a design that people would like to wear, regardless of the small FOREIGN TELEGRAM text, beneath the main image. We’re planning to sell them and maybe give away a few. Comments are welcome.

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