Reaching to you, Santa Clara

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Lately, we’re spending a great deal of time looking at profiles of people living in Santa Clara and it’s surrounding areas, so you may have recently received a message from us or joined our group. We want to say ‘hello!’ and ‘thanks!’

Also, we want to meet you in person! On Friday the 13th, we’ll be coming to the Claran Lounge, in Santa Clara. We’ll be playing with a band from Japan, who’s come for their first American tour. They’re called Lin Clover, and they are making a big noise in Japan. More about them here. The show is being hosted by our friends at Shibuya Airwaves, who are busy broadcasting Japan-centric music to the masses, and by, dealing exclusive Japanese music, on the web.

We’re also allegedly playing with someone else, but we’ve seen mixed signals as to who. We’ve heard that it might be Thee Out Mods, Art Beat, or someone else??!? What is certain is Lin Clover and Foreign Telegram are going to bring a show you shouldn’t miss.

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13,000 Is A Lucky Number

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13,000 Is A Lucky Number
You’ve given us another 1,000 plays, so it’s high time we give you an update. This time, we count over 13,000 plays! Incredible. We want to thank each and every one of you personally. Let us know that YOU are listening! Reply here or leave us a brief comment on our profile and we’ll return the favor with a comment and gratitude. It’s even better to note that our two demos for our next album were responsible for a healthy slab of those plays. That’s a warm initial reaction to our new material, and you haven’t heard anything yet!

How To Buy People
Those demo mixes are promising, but they were done months ago. Since then, we’ve been grinding down the arrangements, tighting the joints, and galvanizing an entire album of new music. The working title of the upcoming album is How To Buy People. We begin recording, shortly after our current gamut of shows. Our approach this time is to record until we capture the energy of our live performances, electrified, passionate, and edgy.

Foreign Videogram
We haven’t had an opportunity to play for a lot of you, yet. We want to reach you as soon as possible, and not being able to do so is heavy on the conscience. So here’s what we can offer you. Below are two videos from a little private performance, where we unveiled our latest creations. What’s more, they are two of our newest songs, which will be on our next album. You can see how varied each song is, which begins to evidence the breadth of material on this album and what we are capable of in 2007. On the one hand, you have Again, a stripped down rocker, muscular and hungry, with a boot-heavy beat. On the other hand you have East of Elysia, sweet but bitter, dissonant in all the right places, and focused on the art of execution. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Yosuke for the video.

Now, you may have noticed a camerawoman in the video. That is Ai Sugano and she is also responsible for some of our recent, very sunny, very “golden state” photographs that we are featuring. You’ll notice in the Band Members section of our profile, 4 portraits in front of a gorgeous California backdrop. We’d like to thank Ai for her work and hope she’ll be shooting with us for a long time.

Our next show is at the Rockit Room, in our homebase, San Francisco. This Thursday, we will rendezvous at this very swanky club in the Richmond District, and let it all out. What we want is the same of you. If you are anywhere in the city, you can make it to the Rockit Room. We’re so lucky in this city with ample public transportation, bikelanes, and rich cultural attractions in each of San Francisco’s social micro-climates. Thursday, we tap into another climate at 406 Clement Street and 5th Avenue. We can’t wait to see how the locals operate, but we want to bring our friends from other climates to share the experience with us. We’ve visited this club before and we know you’re going to enjoy yourself. Long-time friends and friends to be, if you live in San Francisco, make it to this one event.

Again, thanks for listening. We really want to hear from you, even if it’s just a short note. Let us know what you think, what you want to know. If you have questions about our album, Skin Jobs, which is already up for sale, just drop your question here. Our blog is your blog.


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12,000 hits in 2006, plus exclusive photos

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Twelve thousand song served and still counting!! All the rehearsal, the recording, the lugging equipment, it really pays off to know that you’re listening to the music that we put our hearts into. Something we care about is something you care about. That synergy makes it all worthwhile.

To celebrate, we’re switching out Proto and uploading a working mix of one of our new songs, Grass Pillow as well as a new mix of Violet. Grass Pillow has made it into our live set, but has never before been available on Myspace. Check it out and let your friends know about it. Don’t forget, you can click Add on the Myspace player and add the song to your profile, giving your friends a taste of some cool underground music while they look at your page.

This next Saturday we begin recording some of the newest, bleeding-edge tracks, that are yet unheard outside of the studio. These will be included on our next album, How To Buy People. We want to release this album as early in 2007 as possible. With diligence, we may be ready to do so by spring. Any visual artists that would like to get involved, you should feel welcome in contacting us. It’s never too early to start developing an art concept, and we’d like to do so with an inspired artist. Get in touch.

That’s about it for 2006. We had a great time at The Knockout on November 29th, and our warm regards go out to all of our friends, new and old, who came out to the show and made it a real party. Our next gigs are in January of 2007. We want to wish all our friends around the world a happy new year.

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Black Wednesday, The Knockout SF

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Black Wednesday at The Knockout SF

** UPDATE: Girl Band added to the Wednesday, November 29th date at The Knockout SF. Check out their raw, sneering rock’n’roll, as only 4 girls can do it. **

The holidays are here. Ahead of you, a stress-inducing overtime, lay-over delays, your friends leaving town, angry parents tearing cabbage patch dolls from your grasp, and traffic for days. This is your last chance to gather together with the people that make a difference in life, your friends, and share a drink, exchange plans, laugh off the coming chaos of the holidays. It’s Black Wednesday and you’re at The Knockout SF.

The Knockout SF is pretty much the best, most unpretentious and fun venue in the Mission with pool, Ms. Pacman, pinball, a photo booth, drinks, bingo, a video screen with classic music videos and movies, art, and good-natured responsive bartenders.


FOREIGN TELEGRAM, debuting Ronnie Matatquin on drums. Let’s give him a warm welcome. Throbbing beats and unstoppable bass lines echo through a frozen cavern of icy guitar melodies.

GIRL BAND, a sneering, rock’n’roll experience and proof that girls talk dirtier than boys.

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Friday, August 11, meet Foreign Telegram in Space, 10pm

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News flash. Foreign Telegram to play Space Gallery, Friday 11th, 10pm.

Make the Space Gallery your meeting point to get your weekend underway, and show some support for local artists and an up-and-coming art gallery. Chase it with a drink at the gallery’s bar or the Hemlock Tavern, just next door.

Space Gallery
Polk @ Sutter (next door to Hemlock)

Attention, kids. Space Gallery is a 21+ venue, so don’t forget your fake ID’s.

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