12,000 hits in 2006, plus exclusive photos

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Twelve thousand song served and still counting!! All the rehearsal, the recording, the lugging equipment, it really pays off to know that you’re listening to the music that we put our hearts into. Something we care about is something you care about. That synergy makes it all worthwhile.

To celebrate, we’re switching out Proto and uploading a working mix of one of our new songs, Grass Pillow as well as a new mix of Violet. Grass Pillow has made it into our live set, but has never before been available on Myspace. Check it out and let your friends know about it. Don’t forget, you can click Add on the Myspace player and add the song to your profile, giving your friends a taste of some cool underground music while they look at your page.

This next Saturday we begin recording some of the newest, bleeding-edge tracks, that are yet unheard outside of the studio. These will be included on our next album, How To Buy People. We want to release this album as early in 2007 as possible. With diligence, we may be ready to do so by spring. Any visual artists that would like to get involved, you should feel welcome in contacting us. It’s never too early to start developing an art concept, and we’d like to do so with an inspired artist. Get in touch.

That’s about it for 2006. We had a great time at The Knockout on November 29th, and our warm regards go out to all of our friends, new and old, who came out to the show and made it a real party. Our next gigs are in January of 2007. We want to wish all our friends around the world a happy new year.

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Photos from SUBCULTURE

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Still Life from Victoria Theater

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New photos from 12 Galaxies

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FOREIGN TELEGRAM has a bunch of new photos from our recent 12 Galaxies performance on October 28 and our prior Victoria Theater video premier and concert. They’re up on our personal message board at: http://foreigntelegram.com

Come over and check them out and leave comments. While you’re there, register your personal Nickname and Password, and you’ll have access to the special Members-only section of the message board. Registration is free and anonymous! As a Member, you will be allowed to upload your own photos, and you will have access to exclusive Members-only music and video downloads. We will occasionally offer free MP3 downloads that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Registered Members also can create their own profile and upload a photo avatar to go with all their posts on the boards. It’s a lot of fun. Try it out!

Thanks again, for your letters and support.

e v e

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Nana play hits 666!

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To celebrate the fortuitous timing, my humble observations below:
What’s up with Takuya’s jacket in those pictures? Did we remember to take that shit from him and burn it? Am I staring down at dog crap or something? do I just blog to complain about shit? How come you can’t get a decent bowl of ramen (since Takuya’s from Hokkaido, and since I’m bitching about him) in town? á‚̍~‚Á‚Ă鉷òh‚ɍs‚«ƒe[B
‚¿‚È‚Ý‚Éeve, ‚à‚Á‚ÆE-ŽÊ^‚ˁ[‚Ì‚©‚æH

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