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Nana Video (radio version)

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I found it on yootoob


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13,000 Is A Lucky Number

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13,000 Is A Lucky Number
You’ve given us another 1,000 plays, so it’s high time we give you an update. This time, we count over 13,000 plays! Incredible. We want to thank each and every one of you personally. Let us know that YOU are listening! Reply here or leave us a brief comment on our profile and we’ll return the favor with a comment and gratitude. It’s even better to note that our two demos for our next album were responsible for a healthy slab of those plays. That’s a warm initial reaction to our new material, and you haven’t heard anything yet!

How To Buy People
Those demo mixes are promising, but they were done months ago. Since then, we’ve been grinding down the arrangements, tighting the joints, and galvanizing an entire album of new music. The working title of the upcoming album is How To Buy People. We begin recording, shortly after our current gamut of shows. Our approach this time is to record until we capture the energy of our live performances, electrified, passionate, and edgy.

Foreign Videogram
We haven’t had an opportunity to play for a lot of you, yet. We want to reach you as soon as possible, and not being able to do so is heavy on the conscience. So here’s what we can offer you. Below are two videos from a little private performance, where we unveiled our latest creations. What’s more, they are two of our newest songs, which will be on our next album. You can see how varied each song is, which begins to evidence the breadth of material on this album and what we are capable of in 2007. On the one hand, you have Again, a stripped down rocker, muscular and hungry, with a boot-heavy beat. On the other hand you have East of Elysia, sweet but bitter, dissonant in all the right places, and focused on the art of execution. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Yosuke for the video.

Now, you may have noticed a camerawoman in the video. That is Ai Sugano and she is also responsible for some of our recent, very sunny, very “golden state” photographs that we are featuring. You’ll notice in the Band Members section of our profile, 4 portraits in front of a gorgeous California backdrop. We’d like to thank Ai for her work and hope she’ll be shooting with us for a long time.

Our next show is at the Rockit Room, in our homebase, San Francisco. This Thursday, we will rendezvous at this very swanky club in the Richmond District, and let it all out. What we want is the same of you. If you are anywhere in the city, you can make it to the Rockit Room. We’re so lucky in this city with ample public transportation, bikelanes, and rich cultural attractions in each of San Francisco’s social micro-climates. Thursday, we tap into another climate at 406 Clement Street and 5th Avenue. We can’t wait to see how the locals operate, but we want to bring our friends from other climates to share the experience with us. We’ve visited this club before and we know you’re going to enjoy yourself. Long-time friends and friends to be, if you live in San Francisco, make it to this one event.

Again, thanks for listening. We really want to hear from you, even if it’s just a short note. Let us know what you think, what you want to know. If you have questions about our album, Skin Jobs, which is already up for sale, just drop your question here. Our blog is your blog.


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So, you’ve got a brand new shiny iPod, and you want some video to go. You could download the new Nickelback, Beyonce, or Madonna videos from iTunes for $2 a pop, or you could grab some independent videos at FOREIGNTELEGRAM.COM for FREE. Support indie rock on the micro level (2.5″) and enjoy a FOREIGN TELEGRAM concert anywhere, anytime.

If you’re already a registered member, just go to the Members-only section and you’ll find all the videos posted for your enjoyment. If you haven’t registered at our message board, yet, it’s free to do so. All you need to do is click the Register button, choose a nickname and password. That’s it! Enjoy the videos!

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NEW LIVE VIDEO ~ Spy Thriller Disco Scene

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We’ve got a brand new live video on our site. Check it out at

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Video Premier of ‘Nana’ and Live Performance (Sunday Oct 16, 2005)

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You are cordially invited to attend FOREIGN TELEGRAM’s first video premier for ‘Nana’ at this historic theater. The Victoria Theater has been a landmark since the early 20th century and is San Francisco’s oldest operating theater. Now in 2005, FOREIGN TELEGRAM will show our first video on the silver screen and perform a live set during Intermission, on the same stage that 20th century luminaries such as Mae West once shared. It is a profound honor to be the first band to take the stage since her time.

We are also honored by the presence of Koichi Tamano and his Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Troupe. Koichi is a master of the Japanese Butoh dance style, and has performed around the world for several decades. Having studied under the founder of the Butoh dance style, Tatsumi Hijikata, his master likened him to “a bow legged Nijinsky”. This artform of contortion and interpretation is highly moving, and we are pleased to include his performance with understudies Ronnie Baker, Johnny Kim, and Hiroko Sadamori with direction by Hiroko Tamano in our new music video. We are also benefitting from the talents of several actors, including Annie Fox, Lauren Hart, Lloyd Rivera, Terry Borrero, and Taylor Ray. Of course, it would not be possible without EPI Productions and a crew of 13 film makers, who will be present at the showing. Guests of the Foggy Eye Film Festival will have an opportunity to meet the folks that make such great films happen.

The independent film festival will also show independent films by other local film makers, before and after the FOREIGN TELEGRAM premier. Guests will also be able to relax and enjoy the art of Marco Mejin and photography of Sung Jib Kim. The reception will start 30 minutes early, at 6:30pm, giving guests a chance to socialize and enjoy the artwork. Then, at 7pm, the film festival begins and lasts around 3 hours.

Your presence at our premier is highly anticipated! The Victoria Theater seats several hundred people. Guests who receive this invitation are encouraged to bring two friends to the event. Please help us ensure that this is a highly successful and memorable event. We hope that this helps to garner more attention for the San Francisco Bay Area music and art scene, and further promotes creative exports beyond our borders.


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